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Nurturing Curiosity for a Brighter future

Our story

Kinderoos London opened it doors to it’s first children in September 2006.  Since that time we have seen countless children grow into amazing young people.  We feel immense pride when we hear how well they are doing at school and how Kinderoos has helped them build that crucial confidence in learning in their foundation years.

Kinderoos Tewkesbury was acquired in November 2021 and is an amazing addition.

We are very fortunate that both settings can rely on ‘word of mouth’  and it is our lovely staff at both settings that take such pride in what they do, that keeps parents recommending us.


Kinderoos London opened its doors to our first cohort of children in 2006.  At the time I had been working as an Assistant Headteacher at a local Outstanding primary school.

The idea of starting Kinderoos stemmed from a desire to find the right setting for our own daughter.  She is now sitting her A-levels and I firmly believe that Kinderoos gave both my daughters a great start in their education.

In more recent times I have co-founded and project led the opening of Edison Primary school. I remained Deputy Head of Edison until 2019 when I switched to trustee so that I could return to focus on Early Years. 

Education has always been and will continue to be a big passion of mine.  I am very grateful to be in a profession that allows me to make a positive contribution to the lives of young children.

Mrs Suvir Rai
BA (hons), Q.T.S. , E.Y.P.