At Kinderoos we believe that care and education are equally important in the experience which we offer children. 

Happy & Healthy in mind and body

We recognise that an enabling learning environment is one, in which children feel confident, cared for and secure enough to fail, as well as recognising their success

Teaching our children to play and problem solve with their peers in a positive way

  • Staff trained in Physical Literacy (an understanding of improving the physical activity of children)
  • Outdoor learning including ‘planting & growing’
  • Healthy meals cooked on site, low in sugar and salt
  • Support for parents on improving their child’s healthy eating
  • Helping children to have a better understanding of ‘being healthy’ (relative to their age)
We acknowledge the importance of parent partnership to deliver this aspect of our vision.
Please speak to the manager for guidance or recommended books* on:
  • Child mental wellbeing (including dealing with grief)
  • Welcoming a baby sibling
  • Encouraging children to eat
  • Way to improve physical activity (British Medical society recommends 180 mins of activity a day for children aged between 1 and 5 years)

*unfortunately at present due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to loan books to parents but can still recommend if you wish to purchase yourself.  Some of the guidance can be emailed to you by the manager.