Our Vision

Nurturing Curiosity for a Brighter Future

We believe that all children are born with immense potential to achieve greatness, be it in academic or creative fields. The key is that they are encouraged and stimulated through FUN interactive activities in those first few critical years.

In the first five years your child forms 50 percent of the main learning pathways in his/her brain. Everything else he/she learns in life will be built on that base.
Gorden Dryden ‘First FUNdamentals’.

At Kinderoos we value each child as a unique individual that will flourish in a setting where diversity and equality is a way of life. We appreciate the importance of building and surrounding children with positive relationships through developing strong partnerships with parents, and working with external support agencies. Our enabling environments are full of opportunities for each child to learn and develop to their full potential. Our staff value and deliver high quality interaction to help our children become confident and well-balanced life-long learners.