Development & Learning

If a child can not learn in the way we teach, 

we must teach in a way that a child can learn

No ceiling on potential to achieve

At Kinderoos we provide children with an element of routine, daily exercise and activities that improve their skill for learning and ability to concentrate. The majority of the children participate in activities designed with challenge in mind and not age bands. We believe you can’t put a ceiling on any individual child’s capabilities. 

Our vision is delivered through and beyond the DfE ‘Development Matters’ and ‘Birth to 5 Matters. 

The ‘What to expect in the EYFS’ below provides a comprehensive guide for parents.  

What to expect in the EYFS


Plan, Teach & Observe/Review

Children learn in many different ways, they are constantly taking in information using all their senses.  As facilitators, it is our job to ensure that we create enabling environments which provide children with spontaneous learning opportunities as well as planning activities that meet their interests and developmental needs.  We engage with our children to move their learning on and take digital observations which can be viewed by parents.  We also encourage our parents to add to their child’s development profile so that we can build a complete picture.  Once your child is registered at the setting, our manager will provide you with a link to access your child’s secure online profile as well as guidance on how you can add to your child’s profile. 

However, as important as it is to build your child’s development and learning profile, we are careful to ensure that actual interactions with our children take priority.