Attendance and Absence

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Attendance register

All children are signed in upon their arrival.  In the morning we expect all children to arrive at the setting by 9am and in the afternoon, children should arrive by 1:30pm.  The staff are required to follow up any absence as per Kinderoos Attendance and Absence Policy.

Understandable Absences

  • Illness: – Please email or call the setting to inform us regarding your child’s absence.  Please clarify type of absence so that the manager can decide if any action is required. (Especially in light of Covid 19).
  • Medical appointments or treatments
  • Religious holidays
  • Personal or family emergency

Early collection

Parents are requested to provide the setting as much notice as possible for an early collection.  Please be aware that emails are not checked throughout the day and hence it may be better to call and speak to a member of staff.

Late arrival

We appreciate that on occasion we can all run late, however we would request that children arrive to the setting as close to their session start time whenever possible.  Children that arrive late can find it harder to settle into the session if they have not followed their usual routine.

Manager Responsibilities

  • To make all parents aware of the Attendance and Absence Policy at the point of registration.
  • If a child that should be in attendance for a particular session is absent, the Manager will contact the parents.
  • If a child that is in receipt of a Free (funded) place and attendance is a concern, the manager is required to notify the Early Years Team at Hounslow Borough.