Tiggers (Toddlers)

Toddlers are full of energy and learn best where they feel safe to explore and try new activities



2 -3 years

Toddlers build on what they have learnt as babies, rapidly improving  their communication skills with increased vocabulary and confidence in expressing themselves. Your child’s key person will invite you to complete a 2 year progress report with them, identifying all the strengths of your child as well their development targets. Although your child’s key person will provide with a more detailed curriculum that will be covered by your child, some areas are listed below:
  • Enjoy playing alongside and with other children in a positive way
  • Further develop independence in self care
  • Continue to build on understanding of number and some shapes
  • Show more interest in the world around them
  • Enjoy imaginative play
Please note that the New Early Years curriculum will become statutory in September 2021.  We will be making changes from Spring 2021.